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Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire S04E01 - Let it Burn
First Aired: 13 October 2015
In the Season 4 premiere, Casey is placed in a dangerous situation while working undercover to bring down a trafficking ring being run out of Nesbitt's club; and the squad's high turnover rate results in an unwelcome surprise for Severide. In other events, Dawson recognizes that her life is about to change; a new candidate makes an unusual first impression; and residents band together to protest a drug den in their neighborhood.
Chicago Fire S04E02 - A Taste of Panama City
First Aired: 20 October 2015
Boden's job is on the line pending an internal investigation; Severide adjusts to Patterson, his new commanding officer; Dawson shakes things up at the work; Casey searches for important evidence in his investigation of Nesbitt; and Herrmann tries to keep the peace with Molly's new neighbors.
Chicago Fire S04E03 - I Walk Away
First Aired: 27 October 2015
Evidence that seems to exonerate Boden may not be enough; Brett and Chili find themselves in a precarious situation; the team responds to a stuck elevator in a hotel; and Jimmy Borrelli's older brother wants him transferred to a different house.
Chicago Fire S04E04 - Your Day is Coming
First Aired: 3 November 2015
The squad members come together to support one of their own; Herrmann tries to figure out how to reopen Molly's after it gets shut down; and Severide digs deep into the arson investigation.
Chicago Fire S04E05 - Regarding this Wedding
First Aired: 10 November 2015
Boden offers to host a wedding at the firehouse after a fire ruins the ceremony, but Chief Riddle is against it and his political aspirations cause friction among the firefighters.
Chicago Fire S04E06 - 2112
First Aired: 17 November 2015
Boden's new neighbor asks him for a favor that could have serious repercussions; Severide is upset when he's treated like a candidate by Patterson; and Cruz is visited by a gangbanger who knows his brother. In other events, the team responds to a call that involves an 18-wheeler; and is thanked with tickets to see Rush.
Chicago Fire S04E07 - Sharp Elbows
First Aired: 24 November 2015
Boden suspects his neighbor is setting him up; Severide, who's still on probation, receives a surprise visit from his father and also learns something about Patterson that could be a game changer; and romance blossoms at a fire department gala.
Chicago Fire S04E08 - When Tortoises Fly
First Aired: 1 December 2015
Boden believes Maddox is behind Serena's accusations; Severide reaches out to Jamie, who's Maddox's lawyer, in an attempt to help; and Patterson questions whether Boden can remain chief. In other events, Brett and Chili suspect that a man passed out in a garden is connected to a previous call; and Otis has problems with his social calendar.
Chicago Fire S04E09 - Short and Fat
First Aired: 8 December 2015
Patterson fills in for Boden, who's trying to clear his name; Severide learns where Serena may be hiding; Herrmann and Otis give Freddie a job that keeps him close by; and Jimmy and Chili draw more attention then either bargained for.
Chicago Fire S04E10 - The Beating Heart
First Aired: 5 January 2016
Squad members gather at Chicago Med after one of their own is attacked; Cruz works with the Chicago P.D. to find Freddie, who's missing; Choi and Halstead work on an attempted-suicide victim; Mouch surprises Trudy; and Brett and Jimmy worry about Chili, who's acting oddly.
Chicago Fire S04E11 - The Path of Destruction
First Aired: 19 January 2016
Squad members gather at Chicago Med after one of their own is attacked; Cruz works with the Chicago P.D. to find Freddie, who's missing; Choi and Halstead work on an attempted-suicide victim; Mouch surprises Trudy; and Brett and Jimmy worry about Chili, who's acting oddly.
Chicago Fire S04E12 - Not Everyone Makes It
First Aired: 26 January 2016
Freddie's father begs Herrmann to forgive his son's assault; Casey discovers that a makeshift shelter housing people displaced by the tornado may close; Casey attends a fund-raiser at the request of an alderman; and Dawson and Brett experience repercussions after telling Boden about Chili's erratic behavior.
Chicago Fire S04E13 - The Sky is Falling
First Aired: 2 February 2016
The team responds to a mass shooting; Casey investigates the missing money from the fund-raiser; Jimmy agrees to represent the firehouse in a boxing match against the Chicago PD's 21st District; and Chili's behavior continues to be an issue for Brett.
Chicago Fire S04E14 - All Hard Parts
First Aired: 9 February 2016
Severide confronts Chili about her erratic behavior; members of the firehouse rally around Casey, who they think would make a great candidate for alderman; and Jimmy squares off against Antonio in the first annual "Battle of the Badges" boxing match.
Chicago Fire S04E15 - Bad for the Soul
First Aired: 16 Februay 2016
The team responds to a suspicious call from a neighboring firehouse; and welcomes a new firefighter, though her addition has repercussions. In other events, Casey moves forward in his run for alderman.
Chicago Fire S04E16 - Two D's
First Aired: 23 February 2016
Casey reconsiders his run for alderman after he's targeted by a propaganda campaign; the squad responds when a man is trapped inside of a burning car; Trudy's nerdy brother plans Mouch's bachelor party; and Jimmy and Brett investigate a kidnapping on their own.
Chicago Fire S04E17 - What Happened to Courtney
First Aired: 29 March 2016
Severide and Cruz find a child's remains inside a chimney while investigating a possible carbon monoxide leak inside a home. In other events, Casey braces for the worst in his run for alderman while Alderman Becks continues to bad mouth him to the press.
Chicago Fire S04E18 - On the Warpath
First Aired: 5 April 2016
Sylvie witnesses a murder and is threatened by the shooter not to go to the police; Firehouse 51 jumps into action when a fire breaks out at a restaurant and traps several people inside a vault; and Mouch starts to get cold feet.
Chicago Fire S04E19 - I Will Be Walking
First Aired: 19 April 2016
Casey becomes involved when a high-school student is the victim of a gang-retribution incident; Severide lends a hand to Det. Holloway, who's involved in an undercover operation, and watches her 9-year-old son at the firehouse; Brett and Jimmy are called to aid a woman who takes a liking to Jimmy; Otis makes a surprising discovery; and Herrmann's bar-running prowess is challenged.
Chicago Fire S04E20 - The Last One for Mom
First Aired: 26 April 2016
Severide watches Holloway's young son while she testifies in court; the squad responds to a fire at an art gallery; Casey receives a suspicious package in the mail; and Brett confronts Otis, who isn't taking care of his important issues.
Chicago Fire S04E21 - Kind of a Crazy Idea
First Aired: 3 May 2016
Dawson saves a young boy from an apartment fire; Kidd's idea for Molly's doesn't go as hoped; Severide hits a wall while advocating for new fire masks; and Cruz and Brett utilize a secret weapon to get Otis to see Dr. Halstead take a blood test.
Chicago Fire S04E22 - Where the Collapse Started
First Aired: 10 May 2016
The team responds to a building collapse that's trapped more than a dozen people; Dawson's quest to foster Louie is aided by a familiar face; Otis, who's on medical leave, meets his temporary replacement; Severide and Kidd continue to see each other; and Casey is at odds with Antonio.
Chicago Fire S04E23 - Superhero
First Aired: 17 May 2016
In the Season 4 finale, Boden and Jimmy are at odds; Kidd deals with her unstable ex; Dawson continues her quest to foster Louie; Casey's new political consultant urges him to think big; and the team responds to a dangerous structure fire.

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