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Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire S01E01 - Pilot
First Aired: 10 October 2012
The members of Firehouse 51 struggle to cope when one of their own dies in a fire. Lt. Matthew Casey and 
Lt. Kelly Severide blame each other for their friend's death. Meanwhile Casey goes through a separation with Hallie and Battalion Chief Wallace Boden has to make a crucial decision.
Chicago Fire S01E02 - Mon Amour
First Aired: 17 October 2012
Lt. Kelly Severide tries to keep his shoulder injury a secret as he helps a construction worker from a collapsed building. Meanwhile two teenagers are stuck in a vehicle.
Chicago Fire S01E03 - Professional Courtesy
First Aired: 24 October 2012
Casey has to decide if he should report that a cop's son is responsible for a drunk car accident that left a teen paralyzed. Meanwhile Severide is diagnosed with a fractured vertebra and Mills has trouble sharing his time between his mother and the job.
Chicago Fire S01E04 - One Minute
First Aired: 31 October 2012
An elderly woman needs Severide's help, Detective Voight tries to persuade Casey not to testify against his son, Chief Boden is accused of leaving a homeless man to die in a warehouse fire and Shay comes face to face with a man from her past during a call.
Chicago Fire S01E05 - Hanging On
First Aired: 7 November 2012
Severide seeks an old friend's help with his injury, a disciplinary action is taken against Dawson and Casey has to deal with the aftermath of opposing Detective Voight.
Chicago Fire S01E06 - Rear View Mirror
First Aired: 14 November 2012
When Dawson faces suspension the girl she saved decides to help her. Detective Voight does everything he can to make Casey retract his statement. A dangerous action during an apartment fire may change Casey's situation.
Chicago Fire S01E07 - Two Families
First Aired:21 November 2012
Thanksgiving at the firehouse includes a 10-car pileup, a gang shooting, and a meth lab.
Chicago Fire S01E08 - Leaving the Station
First Aired: 5 December 2012
Severide's injury gets worse, an abusive mother makes terrible decision and a train accident takes life of a young person.
Chicago Fire S01E09 - It Ain't Easy
First Aired: 12 December 2012
Chief Boden takes action to try to help a boy who was seen at two fires previouly, one firefighter is on medical leave after an accident at a fire and Casey and Dawson are gradually seeing each other.
Chicago Fire S01E10 - Merry Christmas, Etc...
First Aired: 19 December 2012
After responding to a kitchen blaze in an expensive townhouse, several of the firefighters at the scene are accused of stealing a diamond necklace. Dawson invites Casey to a Christmas party hoping to do some good and Shay gets frustrated with Severide and his injury. Meanwhile, Cruz tries to save his little brother from gang involvement escalating in a fight.
Chicago Fire S01E11 - God Has Spoken
First Aired: 2 January 2013
Cruz is overcome with guilt over doing something he shouldn't have when responding to a fire and turns to Casey. Meanwhile, Shay is hospitalized to recover from head trauma and Hermann has a hard time accepting a business deal. Severide asks Dawson to help him cope with his injury and stop an addiction and Casey has family problems.
Chicago Fire S01E12 - Under the Knife
First Aired: 9 January 2013
After having a hard conversation with Shay, Severide tells Chief Boden about his injury and makes some difficult choices about his future as a firefighter. Dawson goes out on a rescue call and ends up finding only one survivor, a young girl. Personally, Casey has family issues and needs some support of his sister.
Chicago Fire S01E13 - Warm and Dead
First Aired: 30 January 2013
A troubled Chief Boden goes to the police when a man dies in a hardware store fire set by Ernie, the troubled teenage firebug he's been trying to help, and his Uncle Ray. Meanwhile, Severide decides on his future and reaches out to his father. Elsewhere, Otis finds camaraderie when he fills in for a few shifts at the slowest firehouse in the city, and makes a decision of his own, while Dawson and Shay find themselves in a bad predicament during a call to a tenement apartment.
Chicago Fire S01E14 - A Little Taste
First Aired: 6 February 2013
As Severide returns to work, he must deal with an old co-worker that he has a shaky personal history with. Dawson finally lets Shay in on her secret relationship, while the house has to deal with a string of overdoses related to a bad batch of heroin.
Chicago Fire S01E15 - Nazdarovya!
First Aired: 13 February 2013
Dawson finds an unlikely (and unpopular) ally in her attempts to solve her brother Antonio's shooting. Casey continues to negotiate living conditions with his mother, while Severide looks into locating a girl from his past. Herrmann and Otis must deal with the ramifications of having a silent partner in the ownership of their bar.
Chicago Fire S01E16 - Viral
First Aired: 20 February 2013
Tensions run high as Cruz makes some irrational decisions during a rescue, which puts his fellow men in danger. Casey tries to come to a solution regarding his mom by involving his sister, and Severide attempts to help out Whaley by coaxing ex-flame Renee back into her brother's life.
Chicago Fire S01E17 - Better to Lie
First Aired: 27 February 2013
As the prestigious Fire Academy Dinner approaches, Severide's dad comes to town for the event. Emotions run high as Bennie Severide and Chief Boden clash over their different perspectives on Henry Mills' death. Meanwhile Shay has a surprising announcement in lieu of decisions Clarice has made, as Mills and Dawson make important decisions about their relationship.
Chicago Fire S01E18 - Fireworks
First Aired: 20 March 2013
While Peter hammers Bennie Severide with questions about his father's mysterious death, Severide, his dad and Casey try to crack the case on two recent diner fires.
Chicago Fire S01E19 - A Coffin that Small
First Aired: 27 March 2013
A failed rescue attempt of a young boy with dreams of becoming a firefighter affects the members of Firehouse 51. Severide decides that Mills would be a great candidate to move up to squad, much to the chagrin of the others. Severide and Casey begin to argue over Heather Darden. Shay thinks up an alternate plan to be inseminated when she cannot afford it. Meanwhile, local drug dealers cause trouble and make the neighborhood and firehouse feel threatened.
Chicago Fire S01E20 - Ambition
First Aired: 3 April 2013
Some other members of 51 start to give Mills a hard time when Severide starts to help him in his quest to be on the squad. A new paramedic candidate, Tara, joins Dawson and Shay on the job for a few shifts. Meanwhile, Cindy Herrmann has some complications with her preganacy while husband Christopher is away, but Shay comes to the rescue. Elsewhere, Dawson and Casey draw closer while preparing for the grand opening of their new bar, and Casey receives an unexpected visitor.
Chicago Fire S01E21 - Retaliation Hit
First Aired: 1 May 2013
While Severide is dealing with the consequences of the allegations against him, Dawson has been called upon to even her debt to a newly freed Voight.
Chicago Fire S01E22 - Leaders Dead
First Aired: 8 May 2013
Criminal sexual abuse charges go ahead against Lt. Severide, so he decides it is time to go on the offensive. Lt. Casey finds personal happiness, but someone or something gets in the way with devastating consequences. Meanwhile Mills and Dawson reach a major milestone, but before going further Dawson feels necessary to confess her sin of omission, which may end the relationship.
Chicago Fire S01E23 - Let Her Go
First Aired: 15 May 2013
As Molly's is set to open, Casey is forced to team up with Voight who has unfortunately not changed his ways.
Chicago Fire S01E24 - A Hell of a Ride
First Aired: 22 May 2013
Tensions run high as the squad responds to a call at the Cook County penetentiary. Shay is hopeful about her baby situation, while Dawson and Mills face some relationship decisions. Cindy finally goes into labor with Hermann's fifth kid.

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