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Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds S06E01 - The Longest Night
First Aired: 22 September 2010
In the conclusion of last season's cliffhanger, the BAU pursues Billy Flynn, who has kidnapped Det. Spicer's daughter and continues his murder spree throughout the city of Los Angeles.
Criminal Minds S06E02 - JJ
First Aired: 29 September 2010
The BAU prepares to lose a member of the team. SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau attempts to reunite a family in Maryland whose daughter has disappeared mysteriously as she contemplates a job offer she cannot ignore.
Criminal Minds S06E03 - Remembrance of Things Past
First Aired: 6 October 2010
When several women in Virginia are found murdered in a similar manner, SSA David Rossi reopens an unsolved cold case in Bristol that has haunted him for a quarter of a century because he believes the original killer, who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, might have returned.
Criminal Minds S06E04 - Compromising Positions
First Aired: 13 October 2010
The BAU travels to Ohio to identify a serial killer who is murdering married couples in Akron. Meanwhile, Agent Hotchner looks within the team to fill a recent vacancy.
Criminal Minds S06E05 - Safe Haven
First Aired: 20 October 2010
The BAU travels to the Midwest to track a serial killer who is targeting families in Nebraska and Iowa. Meanwhile, a troubled Ellie Spicer runs away from her foster family in Los Angeles to visit Agent Derek Morgan in Quantico.
Criminal Minds S06E06 - Devil's Night
First Aired: 27 October 2010
The BAU is called to apprehend a killer who has struck Detroit for the past three years during Devil's Night, the notorious pre-Halloween celebration.
Criminal Minds S06E07 - Middle Man
First Aired: 3 November 2010
The BAU must catch a group of serial killers that is killing exotic dancers and leaving their bodies in the cornfields of Indiana.
Criminal Minds S06E08 - Reflection of Desire
First Aired: 10 November 2010
The BAU becomes involved in the search for a kidnapped woman in the nation's capital after a woman dressed like a 1950s starlet is found murdered in a Georgetown alley.
Criminal Minds S06E09 - Into the Woods
First Aired: 17 November 2010
The BAU is called to search for a man who is targeting children when the remains of an eight-year-old boy are found on the Appalachian Trail.
Criminal Minds S06E10 - What Happens at Home ...
First Aired: 8 December 2010
The BAU travels to New Mexico to assist local authorities in Las Cruces in apprehending a serial killer who is garroting women in a gated community. Ashley Seaver, an FBI cadet with a troubled past, is asked to assist with the case.
Criminal Minds S06E11 - 25 to Life
First Aired: 15 December 2010
Morgan believes a convicted murderer has been rehabilitated and aids in his parole, but subsequently regrets his decision when the man commits murder after being released from prison.
Criminal Minds S06E12 - Corazon
First Aired: 19 January 2011
When the BAU travels to Miami to investigate a series of ritualistic murders, Reid experiences hallucinations and blinding headaches that cause him to worry about his health.
Criminal Minds S06E13 - The Thirteenth Step
First Aired: 26 January 2011
As the BAU goes to Montana to track down two young lovers who are on an interstate murder spree, Prentiss receives alarming news from an old friend.
Criminal Minds S06E14 - Sense Memory
First Aired: 9 February 2011
When a series of unusual murders occurs in Los Angeles, the BAU travels there to investigate. Meanwhile, more of Prentiss's mysterious past is revealed.
Criminal Minds S06E15 - Today I Do
First Aired: 16 February 2011
The BAU is called to upstate New York to investigate mysterious disappearances. Meanwhile, Prentiss receives some disturbing news about one of her former colleagues at Interpol.
Criminal Minds S06E16 - Coda
First Aired: 23 February 2011
Prentiss enlists two former friends from Interpol to track down an old enemy, as Reid discovers clues that could help the BAU locate the missing parents of an autistic boy in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.
Criminal Minds S06E17 - Valhalla
First Aired: 2 March 2011
After a series of suspicious murders, Prentiss suspects her old Interpol archenemy may be involved, which makes her fear for the team's safety as he closes in on her.
Criminal Minds S06E18 - Lauren
First Aired: 16 March 2011
When Emily Prentiss confronts her nemesis, Ian Doyle, and goes missing, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is asked by the BAU to help find Prentiss and capture Doyle before it is too late.
Criminal Minds S06E19 - With Friends Like These ...
First Aired: 30 March 2011
The BAU is called to Oregon to investigate murders committed by a suspected gang in Portland, which is targeting a new victim every night.
Criminal Minds S06E20 - Hanley Waters
First Aired: 6 April 2011
The BAU members investigate targeted killings in Tampa as they cope with their feelings about losing Emily Prentiss.
Criminal Minds S06E21 - The Stranger
First Aired: 13 April 2011
The BAU hunts a stalker in San Diego who is targeting college students. Meanwhile, the team comes under the scrutiny of Section Chief Erin Strauss in the wake of losing of Emily Prentiss.
Criminal Minds S06E22 - Out of the Light
First Aired: 4 May 2011
The BAU is called to a North Carolina resort town after a woman is found badly injured and another woman is missing. On arrival, the team discovers these two women are not the only victims.
Criminal Minds S06E23 - Big Sea
First Aired: 11 May 2011
When the BAU is called to Florida after bodies are discovered buried in the ocean floor off the Jacksonville coast, the case hits home for Morgan because his aunt fears her missing daughter could be one of the victims.
Criminal Minds S06E24 - Supply & Demand
First Aired: 18 May 2011
As the BAU searches for a suspected human trafficking ring when the bodies of two missing persons are found in the trunk of a car, Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner intimates there could be changes within the team due to budget cuts as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau returns to the FBI. The team is assisted by SSA Andi Swan, the head of the Domestic Trafficking Task Force.

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