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Elementary S01E01  
Elementary S01E01 - Pilot
The series premiere of this brand new spin on an old tale finds Detective Sherlock Holmes assisting the NYPD on hard to crack cases. Accompanied by his sober companion, Dr. Joan Watson, Holmes studies a botched home invasion that resulted in murder.
Elementary S01E02  
Elementary S01E02 - While you were Sleeping
When a young man is killed as he enters his apartment, Sherlock is called upon to consult. Watson will have to deal with Sherlock's reaction when she gets together with her ex-boyfriend.
Elementary S01E03  
Elementary S01E03 - Child Predator
"The Balloon Man" who leaves a signature batch of balloons at his crime scenes, is on the loose. Sherlock and Watson, called in to consult on a child abduction case, set out to find the serial killer. But will Sherlock's signature bluntness be of any use?
Elementary S01E04  
Elementary S01E04 - The Rat Race
When a Wall Street executive's death is tagged as a heroin overdose, Holmes is called upon to consult, even though he loathes bankers. Watson uses her logical thinking processes when she re-enters the dating scene.
Elementary S01E05  
Elementary S01E05 - Lesser Evils
Sherlock searches for an angel of death after coming across a series of murders during his research in a hospital morgue. Sherlock finds out more about why Watson left her surgical career.
Elementary S01E06  
Elementary S01E06 - Flight Risk
Sherlock sets out to prove it wasn't mechanical error when a body is found in the wreckage of a small plane crash. Watson tries to get Sherlock to meet with his father.
Elementary S01E07  
Elementary S01E07 - One Way to Get Off
A double murder that parallels murders from 13 years ago has Sherlock's full attention. Watson really want to know more about Holmes.
Elementary S01E08  
Elementary S01E08 - The Long Fuse
Sherlock discovers a long hidden crime while investigating a bombing. Watson pushes Sherlock to choose a sponsor.
Elementary S01E09  
Elementary S01E09 - You Do It to Yourself
The vicious murder of a college professor calls for Sherlock's deductive reasoning skills. A lover from the past asks for Watson's help.
Elementary S01E10  
Elementary S01E10 - The Leviathan
When a bank vault that is supposed to be impenetrable is breached, Sherlock is asked to investigate. Sherlock meets Watson's family and, much to her delight, stands up for her decision to become a sober companion.
Elementary S01E11  
Elementary S01E11 - Dirty Laundry
Sherlock and Joan are called to investigate the death of the general manager of a high-end Manhattan hotel after her body is found inside one of the hotel's washing machines. With Joan's time as his companion drawing to an end, Sherlock asks Joan to stay.
Elementary S01E12  
Elementary S01E12 - M.
A British criminal with strong ties to Sherlock's past has shown up in New York. Watson isn't sure about whether to take on a new client.
Elementary S01E13  
Elementary S01E13 - The Red Team
With Sherlock suspended from working with the NYPD following the "M" investigation, Watson does her best to mend the rift between Sherlock and Captain Gregson. Meanwhile, Sherlock decides to investigate a suspicious accident involving a conspiracy theorist.
Elementary S01E14  
Elementary S01E14 - The Deductionist
While trying to predict the next move of erratic criminal Martin Ennis, Sherlock is forced to work with an FBI profiler. The same profiler who wrote an acclaimed book about the notorious criminal. Elsewhere, Watson faces eviction from her apartment.
Elementary S01E15  
Elementary S01E15 - A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs
When Sherlock's ex-drug dealer, Rhys, comes around for help, Watson is concerned about Sherlock's sobriety after Rhys implies that Sherlock on drugs made a better detective.
Elementary S01E16  
Elementary S01E16 - Details
When Detective Bell is attacked while off duty, Sherlock finds the case isn't so obvious as it first appeared after the suspect is found dead. Sherlock pushes Joan to learn self-defense.
Elementary S01E17  
Elementary S01E17 - Possibility Two
A wealthy man comes to Sherlock saying his incurable illness was given to him on purpose. To teach Joan his tricks of the trade, Sherlock sends Joan to a suspicious dry cleaning establishment.
Elementary S01E18  
Elementary S01E18 - Deja Vu All Over Again
Sherlock becomes intrigued by Watson's first solo case when the goodbye video left by the missing woman mentions a murder on a subway platform.
Elementary S01E19  
Elementary S01E19 - Snow Angels
With a Nor'easter as their backdrop, Sherlock and Joan attempt to keep one of the largest cash vaults in the country from being robbed. Sherlock does his best to console a transgender woman with a broken heart.
Elementary S01E20  
Elementary S01E20 - Dead Man's Switch
Holmes and Watson look for a murdered blackmailer's accomplice. The blackmailer was targeting families of rape victims. Sherlock opposes celebrating his one year of sobriety.
Elementary S01E21  
Elementary S01E21 - A Landmark Story
The hunt is on after Sebastian Moran a.k.a. M reveals to Sherlock that a man dead from an apparent heart attack was actually a victim of Moriarty.
Elementary S01E22  
Elementary S01E22 - Risk Management
A man claiming to be Moriarty hires Holmes to solve a murder. Watson is being pushed by Gregson to go back to being a sober companion rather than pursuit dangerous exploits with Holmes.
Elementary S01E23  
Elementary S01E23 - The Woman
Flashbacks reveal what led to Sherlock's downfall into addiction as the re-emergence of Irene Adler leaves Sherlock stunned.
Elementary S01E24  
Elementary S01E24 - Heroine
Once again the mysterious Moriarty has his sights set on Holmes and Watson.

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