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Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary S02E01 - The Show Must Go On
First Aired: 4 October 2015
In the Season 2 premiere, Elizabeth must take the oath of office when the President's plane disappears over the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, Henry's new Defense Intelligence Agency handler asks him to recruit one of his Russian students to work for the U.S. government.
Madam Secretary S02E02 - The Doability Doctrine
First Aired: 11 October 2015
Elizabeth takes advice from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and ignores President Dalton's recommendation on how to negotiate the safe return of a State Department employee who was kidnapped in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Henry is having trouble persuading a student to spy for the U.S. government.
Madam Secretary S02E03 - The Rusalka
First Aired: 18 October 2015
Elizabeth and President Dalton's administration are met with hostility when they try to work with the Russian government. Meanwhile, Dmitri is brutally interrogated about his being a spy for the United States.
Madam Secretary S02E04 - Waiting for Taleju
First Aired: 25 October 2015
Elizabeth finds herself pushed out of the president's inner circle for disagreeing with his response to the growing tension with Russia; at the same time, she and Henry try to protect Stevie from the media after intimate photos of their daughter with Harrison surface.
Madam Secretary S02E05 - The Long Shot
First Aired: 1 November 2015
Elizabeth and President Dalton fear a power grab within the Russian government in the wake of President Ostrov's death. Also of concern, especially for Cybersecurity Coordinator Oliver Shaw, is identifying the hacker who interfered with the communication system on Air Force One. Meanwhile, Jay devises a plan to fight Russian propaganda.
Madam Secretary S02E06 - Catch and Release
First Aired: 8 November 2015
When an American aid worker is killed in Syria by ISIS, Elizabeth recalls all aid workers stationed there, including her reluctant brother, who is doctor on the front lines.
Madam Secretary S02E07 - You Say You Want a Revolution
First Aired: 15 November 2015
Elizabeth has President Dalton's support when attempting to make history by lifting the Cuban trade embargo. However, she faces a challenge in winning the Senate's support. Meanwhile, Henry and Alison bond while touring Havana together.
Madam Secretary S02E08 - Lights Out
First Aired: 22 November 2015
Amidst increasing tensions with Russia, Elizabeth, Russell and Mike B. devise a plan to oust National Security Advisor Craig Sterling while at the same time not tarnishing the Office of the President with a scandal. Also, progress is made on identifying the Air Force One hacker.
Madam Secretary S02E09 - Russian Roulette
First Aired: 29 November 2015
With President Dalton considering military action against Russia for the cyber attacks on Air Force One and on the Ukrainian President Mikhail Bozek's plane, and with Elizabeth preparing an address to the United Nations, Henry wrestles with revealing concrete evidence that Russia is not behind the attacks.
Madam Secretary S02E10 - The Greater Good
First Aired: 13 December 2015
After uncovering a secret that could destroy Russian President Maria Ostrov's reputation, Elizabeth and President Dalton travel to Switzerland to confront her and use the information as leverage to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between their countries.
Madam Secretary S02E11 - Unity Node
First Aired: 10 January 2016
Elizabeth tries to salvage a peace deal with Russia after an unexpected turn of events threatens to dissolve the agreement; at the same time, she gets dragged into dealing with an emergency situation aboard the International Space Station.
Madam Secretary S02E12 - The Middle Way
First Aired: 17 January 2016
Elizabeth, to her surprise, is met with resistance when she travels to Myanmar to sign a Pacific Rim trade agreement, which will modernize the country's power grid and benefit several of its trading partners. Meanwhile, Nadine attempts to mend her relationship with her estranged son and Henry is left to deal with a group of angry neighbors who have list of grievances with the McCords.
Madam Secretary S02E13 - Invasive Species
First Aired: 31 January 2016
The death of Henry's father leads the family to uncover some shocking secrets that open old wounds resulting  in a heated confrontation between Henry and his grieving sister, Maureen. Elsewhere, Russell Jackson keeps important information from Elizabeth's team.
Madam Secretary S02E14 - Left of the Boom
First Aired: 14 February 2016
Elizabeth oversees a mission to track down the culprits behind a uranium heist in Eastern Europe, while at the same time trying to prevent the dismantling of an important arms deal in Saudi Arabia, which is threatened by the apprehension of two American teenage girls who intended to join a terrorist group.
Madam Secretary S02E15 - Right of the Boom
First Aired: 21 February 2016
In the aftermath of the bombing, President Dalton demands answers as to who is responsible for the attack. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is concerned about Henry, who was exposed to radiation.
Madam Secretary S02E16 - Hijriyyah
First Aired: 6 March 2016
After an Italian warship answers a distress call from a ship carrying hundreds of Libyan refugees, Elizabeth has 20 minutes to decide whether to question a passenger who claims to know the whereabouts of Jibral Disah, the most-wanted terrorist in the world. Elsewhere, Stevie wants to introduce her new boyfriend to her parents.
Madam Secretary S02E17 - Higher Learning
First Aired: 20 March 2016
Elizabeth accompanies Alison on a college campus tour, during which she becomes the center of attention when ambushed by groups protesting a Chilean mining operation. Elsewhere, Henry and Jane work with Jose Campos in an attempt to track down Jibral Disah's third wife, Hijriyyah.
Madam Secretary S02E18 - On the Clock
First Aired: 27 March 2016
A plane crash near the Indian-Pakistani border involving nuclear weapons causes a dangerous situation between the two countries and their heads of state, who are both at the White House for peace talks. Meanwhile, Henry continues to pursue contact with Hijriyyah and Elizabeth is interviewed by Jane Pauley.
Madam Secretary S02E19 - Desperate Remedies
First Aired: 10 April 2016
Elizabeth comes up with a plan to get the terrorist organization "Boko Haram" to release schoolgirls they are holding captive, while Henry comes closer to pinpointing Jibral Disah's exact location.
Madam Secretary S02E20 - Ghost Detainee
First Aired: 17 April 2016
Elizabeth formally condemns the terrorist group Hizb-Al Shahid when she delivers her first speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Later, she meets with the Russian Foreign Minister to discuss forming a coalition, but these talks create a conflict of interest with Henry, who is searching for a way to save Dmitri's ill sister.
Madam Secretary S02E21 - Connection Lost
First Aired: 24 April 2016
Jane, Henry and Jose are sent to Pakistan on a dangerous mission, when the President receives word that Jibral Disah is in Islamabad and may be receiving direct assistance from the Pakistani government. Also, Henry and Elizabeth seek marriage counseling after a series of difficulties.
Madam Secretary S02E22 - Render Safe
First Aired: 1 May 2016
The U.S. government debates enacting a "render safe" mission to secure Pakistan's nuclear weapons arsenal in the midst of the collapse of its government while the Murphy Station team pursues most wanted terrorist Jibral Disa.
Madam Secretary S02E23 - Vartius
First Aired: 8 May 2016
Season 2 concludes with shocking news about an important political operative reaching Elizabeth, who finds herself navigating her way through tricky waters after hearing that President Dalton is considering replacing her as Secretary of State. Meanwhile, Stevie and Jareth get engaged.

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